ROT Generator Benefits

Time savings

The ROT is the most time consuming and important document in the conveyancing process. Our research reveals solicitors typically can spend just shy of an hour creating a Report on Title. Using our eROT you'll be finished in as little time as 5 or 7 minutes depending on whether the tenure is leasehold or freehold.

Greater Protection

Firms find that they do not update their templates as frequently as needed when it comes to new areas of risk or emerging areas of concern, such as Fraud, CML Handbook Updates, Green Deal advice, Solar Panels and more.

Avoiding duplication of work

For many firms the current process of drafting a Report on Title is inefficient as it involves a duplication of work — papers are received to raise enquiries with the vendor's lawyers and then again to prepare the Report on Title. Such duplication is avoided with eROT


It's not unusual for lawyers in a firm to use different precedents. Even if an individual lawyer builds a bespoke paragraph, it is not necessarily saved centrally or shared with other lawyers within the firm

Knowledge sharing

With many legal experts making suggestions every month based on the unique cases we have built a many optional paragraphs, sections and report types for lawyers to pick from. Firms benefit from being able to improve their own precedent from a deep pool of knowledge.

Management reports

The eROT 'admin center' can generate reports to assist firms with both internal Management Information (MI) and external compliance regulations such as the SRA or CQS. The system can even identify high risk cases to be reviewed by a manager.

Speeding up transaction times/Avoiding complaints

Due to the time it takes to prepare a manual Report on Title.Lawyers often struggle to find the time to prepare this key document, which can result in a delay of the transaction.

Software plug-ins

Our ROT even makes suggestions as to optional paragraphs based on edits