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Every conveyancer we've ever met prefers talking about reports on title to actually completing them.

But what if talking about it for 30 minutes could massively* speed up the process?

Each and every time

We've probably got your attention already, but you need to see it action to believe it.

Our personal tutorial will cover:

Custom template

Take advantage of custom-made templatesfor thousands of scenarios

Custom template

How any extra costs can be carried by certain search providers, and how you can get on with what really interests you and let the latest legal tech take the strain

Custom template

How to integrate the process with searches so you only need to do data entry once

*Ah yes, you're a lawyer, so you spotted our small print. How "massive"?

We reckon your typical ROT
can be done in
12 to 20 minutes
instead of 1 to 2 hours.

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